Our Vision

We envision free and sustainable nation where we can live in peace, justice and harmony



Our mission is to promote and advance a grassroots movement of Oromo youth for freedom, justice and equality through advocacy, youth organising, youth mobilising, awareness raising and peer support.



Qeerroo is the youth class of the Gadaa system that aimed:

-To represent of what is good in Oromo society, warriors of peace and democracy and the guardians of Oromia.

-To fight with peaceful resistance, with brilliance, with humility and determination.

-To stand against violence, greed, power or vanity.

-To stand for a generation rooted in the highest moral and ethical struggle in the African continent.

-To resist with peace against a violent, repressive and unforgiving Ethiopian regime not hesitant to shoot indiscriminately towards their youthful bodies in retaliation of their chants, and

 -To question a system based on false narrations and violence and to demand its death.


-Oromo nationalism
-Resistance against injustices
-peaceful resistance



        Principles and Guidelines:

The following basic nonviolence principles are our guidelines.

-Our attitude will be one of openness and respect toward all we encounter in our actions.
-Qeerroo will use no violence, verbal or physical, toward any person.
-Qeerroo will not destroy or damage any property.
-Qeerroo will carry no weapons; we will not bring any drugs or alcohol.
-If participating in a nonviolent direct action, such as civil resistance, we will not run or resist arrest; we will remain accountable for our actions as a means of furthering our witness to the injustice of the brutal system.